Red Light Therapy & Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland is highly important to many of the body’s functions. It regulates the metabolism as well as the body’s temperature and the speed of your heartbeat. The thyroid makes two hormones, and the pituitary gland lets the thyroid know how much of them to make. The importance of the thyroid gland makes it vital for this gland to work correctly.

The Importance of the Thyroid Gland

Today, it’s common for people to have thyroid problems. In the U.S., about 20 million people have thyroid disease to some degree. When this happens, it means that the thyroid is releasing too little of its hormones or too much of it. These problems can cause a lot of trouble for many of the body’s functions. Thyroid problems can wreak havoc on the body because the hormone secreted by this gland is called the master hormone for all that it does.

Thyroid problems are more common in men, but both men and women can develop them. Thyroid hormones push energy production in the mitochondria. The gland can be influenced by living an unhealthy lifestyle. Patients can help their condition by eating a healthy diet and getting exercise. Using red light therapy can also help.

Using Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a safe and effective way to help the health of the thyroid. In a study from the Journal of Clinical Medicine, red light therapy was used on patients by applying it to the neck every day for four months. The therapy was determined to be a safe one. Other studies have found that it can have a positive effect on a patient’s thyroid function.

Light that is near infra-red has been used and studied to help the thyroid of patients work more effectively. This light is used to treat the thyroid because it is able to get more deeply under the skin than other light wavelengths. When this therapy was used on patients, it was found to give the patient more energy, and it improved their circulation. It was found to improve the function of the thyroid so that the balance of hormones and other chemicals is more favorable in the body. When red light therapy is used for the correct duration, it can increase the availability of energy in the body and prompt the thyroid to be healthier. It can help to suppress cells that are negative and stress related and encourage new production of cellular energy.

If you are interested in trying red light therapy, there is the Envy Light Capsule to provide this valuable treatment.

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How Full Body Red & Infrared Light Therapy Can Help With Healing

Full-body red and infrared light therapy have become a central talking point among medical professionals in recent years. Companies like Lightwave Therapy have become integral in normalizing some of the health benefits that red, infrared, and blue light therapy can provide. A fascinating and rapidly popularizing form of physical relief, let’s take a closer look at how full-body red and infrared light therapy works and can help you on your healing journey.

What Is Fully Body Red & Infrared Light Therapy?

Utilizing light to treat the human body isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean that we are all familiar with red and near-infrared therapy. Photobiomodulation or Red and Infrared therapy is a light-based healing method that seeks to target pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Not to be confused with ultraviolet light, which can cause skin damage; photobiomodulation is a non-thermal therapy that can safely deliver potential healing benefits to the site of the inflammation or injury – thus promoting repair while increasing the production of new cellular energy or ATP. This process is fueled by the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.

The key to infrared and red-light therapy is in its ability to safely penetrate deeply into the skin, providing therapeutic changes in a non-invasive, natural, and painless way. It is easy to see why companies like Lightwave Therapy have turned their customers toward the Envy Light Capsule to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and healing relief in a number of areas.

Promoting Healing: How IR Light Therapy Can Help!

Systems like the Envy Light Capsule are effective at delivering targeted assistance through full body red and infrared light therapy. These light based systems help individuals address a range of concerns including acute and chronic pain, soft tissue damage, inflammation, flaccid skin and conditions such as alopecia.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that photobiomodulation or light therapy can promote healing and symptomatic relief from a range of concerns.

  • Skin Conditions – Red light therapy is often used to stimulate the production of cells tied to collagen protein production. Collagen helps to naturally tighten and lift the skin, which can, in turn, reduce wrinkles. Sun damage and inflammatory acne are also targeted through this method of regeneration.
  • Pain Management and Wound Healing – While there is still much to do in the way of pain management clinical research, many studies confirm the benefits of utilizing light therapy to reduce pain caused by inflammation and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissue.
  • Inflammation – Red and infrared light can spur the production of antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation in our system. This therapeutic technique can thus potentially relieve individuals with osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

To learn more about photobiomodulation or light therapy and its healing benefits, consult with the team at Lightwave Therapy to learn more about their Envy Light Capsule and its corresponding technology.

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How Full-body Red & Infrared Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Sleep Cycle, Stress, & Energy

Red light therapy is a specialized therapeutic technique that introduces individuals to red light via low-frequency wavelengths. Traditionally done through a lamp, laser, or handheld device, red light therapy is being increasingly turned to as a way to address better sleep as well as stress and energy management.

Before we delve too deeply into the world of red and infrared light therapy, let’s take a closer look at how the processes work and the functional benefits that they can provide.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

The team at LIGHTWAVE Therapy with the Envy Light Capsule specializes in providing professionals with a full body and facial rejuvenation system that provides clinical results. As explained by Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. and Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “Red light therapy is when a particular frequency of light is exposed to the eye or body.”

While Dr. Breus may offer substantial benefits regarding red light therapy, he makes it very clear that this is something different from a traditional red light bulb. A red lightbulb may create a certain type of ambiance but it won’t actually emit the lightwaves required to have an impact on our sleep patterns and energy production.

Health Benefits & Red Light Therapy

Research into the efficacy of red light therapy continues to be ongoing as it has shown significant therapeutic benefits in multiple areas. At the time of this writing, research suggests that red light therapy can positively benefit individuals in a number of key areas including:

  • Pain Relief
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Improved Overall Complexion
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Benefits of red light therapy come from a cellular level where a biochemical effect is shown to be prevalent. Red light therapy targets the mitochondria of the cell, the location where cell energy is created.

Can Red Light Energy Promote Sleep Improvements?

While there is still much in the way of research, red light therapy is presently thought to improve sleep. Red light waves are said to stimulate the production of melatonin, which is a hormone integral to sleep. The Journal of Athletic Training (2012) highlighted the benefits of red light therapy in a controlled study of 20 female athletes over a period of two weeks. The study showed that the group with red light therapy produced higher levels of melatonin, which produced increased overall levels of endurance during competition.

To enjoy the benefits of red light therapy, consistency and delivery is going to be the key. Through the regular use of red light therapy, practitioners like Kristin Weitzel believe that additional benefits are on the way. A key to proper red light uptake is in the frequency and delivery of the therapy. The type of light system being utilized can make all the difference. Are you just shining red light on the body or are you stimulating a biochemical reaction within the cells?

The team at Envy Light Capsule can help you explore the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy. Contact their team today for a quote and consultation on the Lightwave Envy Light Capsule!

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Combatting Inflammation With Red Light Therapy

The lymphatic system is a network of more than 800 lymph nodes in your body. These lymph nodes are integral in filtering and removing all of the unwanted and potentially dangerous pathogens that enter our bodies.

As one of the root causes of most major chronic health conditions, inflammation can progress through a variety of factors including poor diet, excess stress, and even exposure to toxins. When your lymph nodes are working, they begin to seal before resolving – showing that your body is fighting an infection, viral agent, or bacterial agent.

Understanding how important our lymphatic health is to our body and its day-to-day functions, we should endeavor to do everything in our power to reduce inflammation and inflammation-related diseases. This is possible through something known as Red Light Therapy, offered by Envy Light Capsule.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) targets your body’s inflammatory response as it moves fluid from tissues to areas that have become inflamed due to a viral or bacterial infection. Red light can then be used to penetrate the surface of our skin whereupon it can provide our cells with the energy it needs to increase its ATP production. Numerous clinical trials have shown a relationship between RLT and the increase in the natural antioxidant response of the human body.

Red light therapy can help directly address many of the common indoor pollutants in our houses and homes. From formaldehyde to bacterial agents absorbed through the air, you’ll want to know that your inflammatory system is working effectively.

When not addressed, toxins can be absorbed into the body to cause damage to our lymphatic health. When there is no movement from the lymphatic system due to toxicity or poor cell communication, inflammation can increase as a result. The cause of most inflammation can be difficult to ascertain, but with Red Light Therapy it is possible to aid the detoxing effect while targeting unwanted toxins in the body.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

While Red Light Therapy is still considered an emerging treatment, it has come a long way in the days since it was introduced to the industry. Red Light Therapy is now commonly used to help reduce wrinkles, the appearance of scars, as well as both redness and acne. Commonly touted as a way to address other conditions, ongoing research continues to this day.

There is a range of actionable benefits that Red Light Therapy can help to manifest. Here are a few ways that Red Light Therapy can boost the immune response of your body while helping your overall appearance.

  • Reduce Lines & Wrinkles – From age spots to fine lines as well as wrinkles, Red Light Therapy can help to target some of the most enduring and common skin conditions.
  • Address Skin Conditions – From rosacea to eczema, Red Light Therapy has been turned to address many common skin conditions.
  • Stimulate Collagen Production – Your skin needs its structure and elasticity to remain strong, so enjoy the collagen-stimulating benefits of Red Light Therapy.

To learn more about Red Light Therapy, contact the team at Envy Light Capsule!

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How Light Therapy Can Help With Sciatica

Light therapy can help you manage and overcome the pain and discomfort caused by sciatica. It will help show a marked improvement, even if you also require other treatments and exercises.

The nerve pain caused by sciatica is a serious problem that can hold life back. This is a serious condition that causes long-term pain and discomfort. It can be hard to find treatment, but with red and infrared light therapy, it can help people manage this condition. 

Here’s what you should know about light therapy and sciatica. 

Understanding Basic Sciatica Facts

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about sciatica. Here are two of the biggest problems people have when trying to understand this condition. 

Sciatica and Exercise

It’s a common misconception that exercise makes sciatica worse, but this just isn’t true. Individuals who overdo their workouts or use the wrong types of exercises can make sciatica worse, but with the right exercise, you can actually improve this condition.

Sciatica improves with light exercise, stretches, and workout routines designed to work with this condition. The right workouts and light exercises help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and restore your health. This lowers the overall severity of sciatica. 

Does Sciatica Pain Go Away?

Sciatica is a long-term condition that won’t go away on its own, but it can be improved with treatment. This condition can be treated with light exercise, at home pain management, or light therapy. All of these types of treatment will help to keep sciatica under control and reduce the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. 

Treating Sciatica With Light Therapy 

In order to treat Sciatica, light therapy uses wavelengths in the red and infrared spectrum to help promote skin and nerve health. It stimulates regeneration, promotes wound healing, and reduces oxidant buildup to help heal from the inside out. Usually, a series of sessions are needed to get noticeable lasting results. However, due to the anti-inflammatory effect of light therapy, relief may be noticeable after a single session.

Does Light Therapy Work for Sciatica?

As it turns out, light therapy works for sciatica! There’s research that suggests that light therapy can improve nerve regeneration for individuals with sciatica and cause them to have reduced symptoms. 

Red and infrared light therapy is at its best when it is paired with other treatments. This includes exercise as well as other medical treatments for sciatica. Light therapy is an important part of this treatment as it can improve overall health and wellness of the body. 

Research continues to explore the benefits of light therapy for people with sciatica. The full picture of how this treatment benefits this condition is just starting to come together, but the early results are very promising.  

Where to Find Light Therapy for Sciatica?

You should look for a light therapy provider that utilizes professional light therapy systems and has experience treating sciatica. Finding a local red and infrared light therapy for sciatica provider would be a great choice to help relieve this condition. They can walk you through the basics of their treatment options and help you improve recovery from this condition.  

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Growing Your MedSpa With Red Light Therapy

If you own a medspa or wellness center, having the latest and greatest technology available can really boost your business. People are always looking for the newest ideas in skin rejuvenation to make their skin appear younger, smoother, and more radiant. As the baby boomer generation become older, they are also now seeking out ways to improve their overall health. One of the most advanced ways to address both concerns is through red light therapy (RLT). This innovative technology, known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), targets the overall health of the body as well as the outward appearance of the skin. The Envy Light Capsule by LIGHTWAVE utilizes 24,000 powerful LEDs of photon energy for a full body restoration and facial rejuvenation like no other.


Red Light Therapy Treats a Variety of Issues

Photobiomodulation or red-light therapy found in the Envy light capsule helps the body in a number of ways. It can alleviate pain and joint problems, promote general wellness, and can improve brain-fog and overall mood. Many people also use it to help aid in weight loss, improve sports performance, and reduce recovery time from surgery and injury. It’s all about alleviating pain and inflammation throughout the body while increases the body’s ability to heal itself.


Proven Skin Rejuvenation Like No Other

When your clients are looking for total skin rejuvenation from head to toe, Envy Light Capsule’s red-light therapy is a great option.  This full body system allows a client to be completely dosed with LIGHTWAVE light energy from head to toe. It looks similar to a tanning bed but instead of prematurely aging and damaging the skin, your client can climb inside the capsule and actually slow-down and in some cases even reverse the aging process.  This LED professional-grade light therapy bed will give a customized skin treatment that targets skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, and can improve the appearance acne and acne scarring.


The Cleveland Clinic has even come out to say there is quite a bit of evidence that red light therapy shows promising results for all signs of aging. It works by stimulating and energizing the cells within the body so that the body can perform optimally, repairing skin and boosting cellular turnover.


Treat Your Clients to This Service as an Add-On to Others

For targeted therapy, this is going to give your clients total skin rejuvenation with treatments that are simple to administer. First, the client removes their clothing exposing bare skin on all areas of concern. Next, they lay down inside the Envy Light Capsule and close the bed so that the body is fully surrounded by LEDs. Once the client is inside, the bed is activated which then sends 24,000 pulses of light energy engaging with full encapsulation technology to work on the entire body. During this time, the client will feel a slight warming sensation and complete relaxation, similar to lying on a beach in the afternoon.  In many cases, the client will even fall asleep during the rejuvenation process.


Having the option to give your clients red light therapy with the Envy Light Capsule is amazing, because it does so many different things for the body which will expand your clientele. Plus, it’s a treatment that needs to be done on a repetitive basis until the desired results are achieved. That could mean more clients in your medspa multiple times per week for red light therapy treatments. Then it’s easier to pair Evvy Light Capsule treatments with other services in different packages for upselling oportunites.

If you have any questions about how Envy Light Capsule can be incorporated into your medspa business, give us a call or send us a message today. We’re more than happy to tell you how LED red light therapy can boost your client’s experience with everything it can offer.

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How Do I Prep My Skin Before Getting Red Light Therapy?

Whether you’re thinking about scheduling a red light therapy appointment or have already done so, knowing how to prepare for this skin care treatment is a must. By taking the right steps to prepare your skin in the days and hours leading up to your appointment, you’ll be able to get the most out of your treatment.

Any time you schedule a red light therapy session, your skin care specialist should provide you with specific and customized guidelines. This should include information on what to do both before and after your appointment. While your exact preparation recommendations may vary a bit based on your own skin care needs, there are some general tips to keep in mind when it comes to preparing your skin for red light therapy.

Products to Use

Most of the preparation for red light therapy simply involves knowing which skin care products are okay to continue using and which should be avoided before your treatment session. Why? Because red light therapy involves the use of light waves that must penetrate the skin and reach the skin’s cells in order to be effective. Some products can inhibit the ability of these light waves to reach past the surface of the skin, whereas other products can actually help you achieve better results.

In general, the use of salicylic acids, BHAs, and retinols is encouraged in the days leading up to your red light therapy treatment. These ingredients can help to clear clogged pores, keep skin moisturized, and encourage healthy cell growth. These can all maximize the results of your red light therapy treatment.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is to avoid changing up your skin care routine right before your first red light therapy treatment. If these ingredients are already a part of your existing routine, you can continue using them—but it’s best not to introduce any new products to your skin right before your appointment, as there is always a risk of adverse reaction to product you’ve never used before.

Products to Avoid

One of the most important things to avoid leading up to your red light therapy appointment is the use of sunscreen. That’s because sunscreens can actually block the infrared light waves that are used during a red light therapy session. This can inhibit your results, so be sure to avoid applying sunscreen immediately before your scheduled appointment.

Other Tips to Prepare

Another step you can take to prepare your skin for red light therapy is to use a face massager or face roller in the hour or so leading up to your appointment. These rollers can stimulate blood circulation to the treatment area, which can maximize the effectiveness of your red light therapy session.

Ready for Red Light Therapy?

If you have any additional questions leading up to your red light therapy appointment or are simply looking for the best products to help you maximize your results, Envy Light Capsule is here to help. Reach out to our team to learn more about how our Lightwave Envy Light Capsule can transform your skin for good.

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Red Light Therapy For Tennis & Golf Elbow

While there are many conditions that cause elbow pain, two of the most common are tennis and golf elbow. Both of these conditions occur from the tendons in the forearm and elbow are overloaded, typically from repetitive motion. While these conditions are named after particular athletes, not only athletes, have these conditions. These conditions cause pain, make it difficult to grip or hold on to items.

What are the Common Causes of these conditions?

Both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are caused by stress or damage to the tendons in the forearm. Some things that may cause this condition are improper form playing tennis, repetitive and forceful movements, poor conditioning, and not enough warm-up. Your age, occupation, your lifestyle, and playing sports may also put you are at risk for either of these conditions.

What are the Symptoms?

Some common symptoms of tennis elbow include pain and weakness going from your elbow to your wrist. You may also experience difficulty with your grip or shaking hands, turning a knob, or holding items.

Some common symptoms of a golfer’s elbow include pain, tenderness, and stiffness on the inside of the elbow extending down the forearm. You may also experience tingling or numbness in some of your fingers.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Some good news about these conditions is they can be temporary if you pay attention to the pay and it is diagnosed early. In addition, red light therapy has been shown to have tremendous benefits to the healing process and time of these conditions.

Red light therapy is exposing your skin to a red light laser. The mitochondria in your cells soak up the red light and use it to make more energy. This energy helps the cells repair and become healthier. This extra energy can encourage healing of the tissue and skin. This treatment uses low levels of heat and does not burn your skin. Envy Light Capsule offers superior access to red light laser in their innovative capsule. This capsule provides multi-zone technology to the entire body. As a result, it can target specific areas quickly.

How Can it Help?

Envy Light Capsule is a professional grade light therapy bed to provide the most flexible features on the market. It has 24k StimLED diodes to provide optimal healing quickly. This type of therapy is non-invasive and fast-acting. It helps to reduce pain, inflammation and restores range of motion. It can also help to restore the physical functioning of the arm. Red light therapy is an effective and safe treatment of these conditions. Most importantly, this treatment does not cause any additional pain.

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Light Therapy for Pain Management

Struggling With Pain? Consider Light Therapy

If you struggle with chronic pain, you’re not alone — an estimated 20.5 percent of the U.S. population suffer from this potentially devastating issue. While drugs can help mask that pain, they may do nothing to resolve the illness or injury actually responsible for the pain. Fortunately, you can pursue another, more effective treatment option known as light therapy.

Understanding How Light Therapy Works

Light therapy involves the application of red light energy to the skin through the use of a manual LED wand, full-body treatment bed, or other such instrument. The red light emitted by the LEDs penetrates the skin to tissues just underneath. At this tissue depth, the light energy appears to boost the performance of mitochondria, the cellular “organs” that produce fuel for cellular repair and rejuvenation. Armed with this extra help, your tissues can now regenerate injured or ailing cells more efficiently, relieving you of the pain associated with such problems. Researchers refer to this healing technique as photobiomodulation.

Light therapy can ease your pain in other ways as well. Even while your cells get a welcome regenerative boost, the light energy directs more blood flow to the parts of your body that may need it. This circulatory enhancement helps tissue expel waste products and inflammatory substances that contribute to pain.

Promising Results for Many Painful Conditions

Red light therapy has shown remarkable versatility as a tool for fighting many kinds of chronic pain. For instance, different studies have found red light therapy more effective than a placebo in the treatment of back and neck pain. Another study found that red light therapy could cut osteoarthritis pain by more than 50 percent. Red light therapy has also demonstrated some ability to relieve the agony of Achilles tendinitis.

You may even find that red light therapy can ease a painful problem often left for dentists to treat as best they can. If you suffer from the stiffness, pain, and other trademark symptoms of TMJ, you should know that studies have shown red light therapy effective at reducing these dental discomforts.

As amazing as red light therapy can prove for pain, it also holds other important therapeutic potential. For example, red light therapy may improve skin appearance and combat alopecia (hair loss).

The Full-Body Approach to Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Whether you need pain relief in one specific site or relief from systemic chronic pain conditions, you can get the relief you seek from Lightwave’s ENVY Light Capsule. This full-body red light therapy instrument can perform targeted and full-body treatment simultaneously, giving you the maximum benefit from this safe, non-invasive technology. Contact us to learn more.


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Hyperpigmentation & Red Light Therapy

image of woman with hyperpigmentation

Our skin has a lot to do with the way we see ourselves, and it’s important to keep it looking its best. There are a number of skin problems that can damage our self-esteem, and one of those is hyperpigmentation. This is what you see when you see dark spots on visible parts of the skin such as the hands and face. It’s these areas that have been affected by the sun and tend to get hyperpigmentation on them. Once these spots start to form, it’s hard to hide them. They can range anywhere from light brown to black and widely vary in size.

Types of Hyperpigmentation

There are a number of different types of hyperpigmentation that people can get. There are two that are highly common. The first is called chloasma or melasma, and it is often known as the mask of pregnancy. Among pregnant women, about 90% end up with this pregnancy mask. For this type of hyperpigmentation, it is caused by hormonal changes that can take place while pregnant as well as while using contraception. It can cause large spots darker than the surrounding skin that may be in irregular shapes. These often pop up quickly and are not due to aging skin.

There is also gradual hyperpigmentation. This happens after a skin injury has fully healed. It is a flat area that is discolored is left behind. This can be caused by acne as well as by certain cosmetic treatments like chemical peels and dermabrasion.

Skin Melanin

Hyperpigmentation happens when the skin produces too much melanin in one area. Melanin is the substance that gives color to our eyes, skin and hair, and too much of it in one area creates an area that is darker. A common cause of this problem is the sun. As the sunlight comes into contact with your skin, it can cause the body to make more melanin in that area. There are also genetic factors that influence the way melanin is produced in your body.

To avoid these dark spots, it’s important to keep your skin covered when you’re outdoors. You can also use sunscreen with a high SPF number to keep the sun from affecting your skin. UVA and UVB rays are both harmful to the skin, so your sunscreen should block them both. It’s also a good idea not to be in the sun for too long at a time.

Red Light Therapy

The treatment that has been found to be most effective against this darkening of the skin is red light therapy. Red light stimulates the cells and is absorbed by the mitochondria. This stimulates those cells to make more ATP, the cells’ energy source. This causes the cells to more quickly repair themselves, and this can get your skin back to its normal color. Using red light therapy can help with many types of hyperpigmentation so that the skin looks clearer and more youthful.

The Envy Light Capsule is a great way to get that red light therapy. It offers strong red light therapy to get rid of the discolored areas.


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